Advanced Computer Facility Centre

Rules and Regulation for Using Advance Computer Centre Lab

  • Entry should be made in the entrance register available at the computer lab, by each and every student before accessing the Internet lab.
  • Users can access their E-mails and the sites which are useful for their academic pursuits.
  • Users should have their data in the pen drive or storage device so that their data remain safe, in case if the system is formatted.
  • Chairs and stools should be kept in place after the lab work is over.
  • Systems should be shutdown properly by the student after the work is over.
  • During B.Pharm 1st Year Computer Science lab hours no one will be permitted to avail the lab facility. (In case of urgency prior permission should be taken with the lab personnel).

Strictly Prohibited

  • Acessing the Social networking sites/prohibited sites namely orkut, facebook etc.
  • Using chat messengers i.e. Yahoo messenger, MSN, Google talk etc.
  • Using the mobile phones inside the lab.
  • Playing any form of computer games in the Internet lab.


  • If there is any problem related to the system or Internet connectivity inform the lab personnel.
  • No one is allowed to change the system settings.
  • If any Student/Students is/are found violating the above rules strict action will be taken against him/her/them.